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Funding Jihadists while Denying Military Benefits

We can fund al-Qaeda but we can’t fund the families of our war dead?

Andrew C. McCarthy

Andrew C. McCarthy

From NationalReview.com, By Andrew C. McCarthy, 10/12/13 – Here is where we’re at: The Republican establishment — the guys who told us that for a trillion dollars and several thousand American casualties, we could build “Islamic democracies” that would be reliable U.S. allies in the War on Terror — say it is Ted Cruz who is “delusional” and the effort to stave off Obamacare that is “unattainable.”

These self-appointed sages are, of course, the same guys who told us the way to “stabilize” and “democratize” Libya was to help jihadists topple and kill the resident dictator — who, at the time, was a U.S. ally, providing intelligence about the jihadists using his eastern badlands as a springboard for the anti-American terror insurgency in Iraq.

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More Kinetic Military Action

from TownHall.com

Rich Galen

About the time President Obama was goofing it up at Google, he was also approving a fairly dramatic escalation in America’s involvement in Libya by agreeing to utilize armed Predator Drones to rain fire down on Mohamar Gaddafi’s forces.

Remember, we are not involved in a war in Libya. It has been officially deemed “Kinetic Military Action.”

NATO, which has the lead in the Libyan action, doesn’t have Predators with actual weapons. The ones they have are, apparently, only for surveillance.

The Predators we have are capable of firing Hellfire missiles which will atomize anything they hit and the Predator controllers will hit anything they aim at. Continue reading →