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Advancing. Ever Advancing.

From RedState.com, By: Erick Erickson, October 16th, 2013 –

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

Much cynicism has been expressed over the past month about the effort, led by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, to fight Obamacare.  It was about money or defeating Republicans or something other than what it was about — undermining Obamacare with a united front.

It was always about undermining Obamacare, despite the claims of others.  But, those of us who were in this fight against Obamacare, have been quite open that we knew there were side benefits.  This fight would expose conservative activists to the frauds they have funded.

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Ted Cruz & Mike Lee: Commanders of the Conservative Army

cruz_leeRedState.com, By: Erick Erickson, 10/03/13 Whenever a conservative says anything critical of the pukey leadership in the Republican Party — whenever they do it — what do we hear?

“Circular firing squad.”

“This is not helpful.”

“They violated the 11th Commandment.”

“Let’s not make our 80% friend our enemy.”

“They won’t consider the end game.”

They vomit this stuff up every single time any conservative points out how badly they are selling out.

So you can laugh that these same establishment guys have run off to the Politico to tell the world just how badly they beat up Ted Cruz in their closed door meeting and he has no end game.

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