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MUST WATCH: Whistleblower doctor explains HORRIFIC reality dealing with Muslim invaders in Germany

From The Right Scoop on Oct 8, 2015 –

Coming to a city near you…

Photo from ConservativePost.com

Photo from ConservativePost.com


This is unbelievable.

A Czech doctor, who works in a German hospital, is so disgusted and overwhelmed with the Muslim migrant invaders that she is threatening to leave the country and go back home to the Czech Republic. She explains, via an email letter (because the press is forbidden from reporting on this), how horrific the conditions are in these hospitals, with the Muslim invaders bringing diseases they weren’t even prepared to treat. But that’s just part of it. The superior attitudes of these Muslims and their belief that they should get everything for free is wreaking havoc everywhere, from the hospitals to the pharmacies.

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