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The Budget Discussions – Rod Serling Would be Proud

WHERE  HAS  COMMON  SENSE  GONE?  No. 17  Thomas Paine – March  2011

Where to start a discussion……..the Twilight Zone is the Twilight Zone no matter where you enter it. One might add….Common Sense is in short supply once inside the Twilight Zone.   I had a brief flashback to an old Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode when, a couple of nights ago, I watched Minnesota Representative Michele Bachman (RTP) try to discuss certain aspects of the Obama budget and Unfunded Liabilities.

I like Michele Bachman. She presents herself well and exudes civility and dignity to a degree not demonstrated by many of the other elected representatives we, as a nation, have sent to Washington. I think she has some future potential in politics, but that potential won’t last long if she continues to address issues on which she is woefully ignorant. This is doubly bad if it happens to be an issue she is likely to be involved in for most of her working days as an elected official. Her attempts to address certain issues in Obama’s budget must have been embarrassing to many viewers. My concern however is this…..Was this spectacle, where she kept repeating the same words even though it was obvious she was lost to any comprehension of the message she was trying to deliver, representative of the knowledge base most elected representatives have to draw from when they engage in budget solutions and government finances in general? Continue reading →