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Jesus on gender and marriage

Holy Bible

Holy Bible

From OneNewsNow.com, by

Bryan Fischer, 10/6/15 


It’s actually very simple. When it comes to gender and marriage, we can listen to Facebook and the Supreme Court … or we can listen to Jesus. It’s a question of whose authority we appeal to.


Our culture is roiled over controversies regarding marriage and gender. The Supreme Court has imposed same-sex marriage on the entire country, and policies in one municipality after another require fathers to accept males in their daughters’ bathrooms if the males think they are trapped inside a female body.

While these issues may seem complex, they aren’t. How do we know the answers are simple and straightforward? Because Jesus gave them to us.

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Legislatures Should Curb Judicial Supremacy Over Marriage


by Phillis Schlafly, January 22, 2015 –
It’s Roe v. Wade all over again, as the Supreme Court is poised to invent a new right to same-sex marriage found nowhere in the four corners of the Constitution. Fortunately, the Founders gave us checks and balances against this overreaching in power.

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Who Gets to Define Marriage


by Lenny Leatherman

Which of the three branches of government actually has the authority to define marriage -legislative, executive, or judicial?

Should that question be settled before the Supreme Court weighs in on same sex marriage?

If federal courts actually have the authority to “un-define” marriage by ruling that individual states cannot define marriage as being between ‘one man and one woman’, do they in fact have the authority to define marriage?

So…what is marriage?  The voters in Texas answered the question of marriage (between one man and one woman) long ago in our State Constitution.

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Government to Farmers: Host Same-Sex Wedding or Pay a $13,000 Fine

BarnWeddingFrom The Daily Signal, by Leslie Ford & Ryan T. Anderson,  August 19, 2014

Should the government be able to coerce a family farm into hosting a same-sex wedding?

In a free society, the answer is no. Family farms should be free to operate in accordance with the beliefs and values of their owners. Government shouldn’t be able to fine citizens for acting in the market according to their own—rather than the government’s—values, unless there is a compelling government interest being pursued in the least restrictive way possible.

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Judge Upholds State’s Authority to Define Marriage as Union of Man and Woman

From The Daily Signal, by Ryan T. Anderson, 08/12/2014 –

gavelLast week a judge in Tennessee upheld that state’s Constitutional authority to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Though the decision was made a week ago, it has only now been made available electronically.

The case involved a same-sex couple married in Iowa that sought a divorce in Tennessee. Because Tennessee does not recognize same-sex relationships as marriages, it was unable to divorce the couple. Last week, Judge Russell E. Simmons, Jr., cited the Supreme Court’s decision in the federal Defense of Marriage Act case, U.S. v. Windsor, as support that Tennessee has the right to define marriage for itself. Simmons writes: “The Windsor case is concerned with the definition of marriage, only as it applies to federal laws, and does not give an opinion concerning whether one State must accept as valid a same-sex marriage allowed in another State.”

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Kids Need Both Mom and Dad, Says Gay Man Opposed to Gay Marriage

From The ChristianPost.com, By Napp Nazworth, 01/28/13 –

(Photo: The Christian Post/Napp Nazworth)

(Photo: The Christian Post/Napp Nazworth)

WASHINGTON – The benefits of intact biological families were  emphasized on a “Building a Marriage Culture”  panel at the National Review Institute’s 2013 Summit, “The Future of  Conservatism.” One of the panelists, Doug Mainwaring, spoke of his personal  experience as a gay man who came to realize that his own children need both a mother and a father.

“For a long time I thought, if I could just find the right partner, we could  raise my kids together, but it became increasingly apparent to me, even if I  found somebody else exactly like me, who loved my kids as much as I do, there  would still be a gaping hole in their lives because they need a mom,”  Mainwaring, co-founder of National Capital Tea Party Patriots, said.

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