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All the Angry Liberals

The experience of losing does not agree with them.


From The American Spectator, By from the June 2012 issue – WASHINGTON — I was innocently making my way through the weekend newspapers when I came upon a “think” piece in the Washington Post by a dreamer named Chris Mooney, a self-confessed “liberal.” Yes, he actually admitted to it.

He has conferred with psychologists to ascertain the difference between liberals and conservatives. By the way, it is always a tip-off when one writes that he has resorted to psychologists, as opposed to political philosophers, to explain what are after all political differences. What the writer is saying is we now have “science” on our side, as opposed to mere learning, and the scientists’ findings are unassailable — and, as it turns out, claptrap, tendentious, self-regarding claptrap.

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Huntsman tries to carve out role as Republicans’ centrist ‘truth-teller’

So why does this guy even call himself a ‘Republican’ ? 

John Huntsman

From The Hill, By Michael O’Brien – 08/20/11 Former Utah. Gov. Jon Huntsman (R) believes he has an opportunity to carve out his position within the GOP primary field as the “truth-teller.”

The former ambassador to China repeatedly has sought to distinguish himself as the relative centrist in the GOP race; he backed the debt-ceiling compromise in Congress when no other candidate did so, and he’s been unapologetic about his support for civil-unions for same-sex couples. Continue reading →