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Clinton for-profit education scandal dwarfs Trump U

Bill and Hillary made millions while students racked up debt

From WND.com, by JEROME R. CORSI, 06/03/2016

Hillary & Bill Clinton

                             Hillary & Bill Clinton

NEW YORK – Bill and Hillary Clinton’s attack on Donald Trump over Trump University could invite increased scrutiny of the Clintons’ involvement in a for-profit education scandal in which a company that runs shell colleges paid Bill Clinton $16.5 million to be its pitchman.

While the Clintons were collecting millions, Hillary Clinton’s State Department funneled at least $55 million to a group run by the college company, Laureate Education Inc., according to Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” as Breitbart reported.

Clinton abruptly resigned from his post as “honorary chancellor” in April 2015 when the disclosure was publicized.

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