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Commish 3′s views on Parker County Politics and the 2011-2012 Budget Process

by Joh Roth, County Commissioiner, Precinct 3, September 22, 2011

Commissioner John Roth


All of Parker County’s elected officials have been Republican for quite a few years.  In the last Presidential election,Parker County voters overwhelmingly voted for the Republican candidate(s).  Because of those two factors, you—like me—would think that Parker County could be a model that other counties look to for conservative leadership.  Well, looks can be deceiving!


After being elected to office in 2004, I had no idea that being a conservative would bring such controversy to commissioner’s court.  Naïve me, I thought all republicans were grounded in the party platform.  I thought it was a given that we were united on principles such as less government, personal responsibility, pro second amendment and private property rights.  Boy was I wrong! Continue reading →