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Debra Medina: Comptroller Candidate, Straus Supporter

Debra Medina - Joe Straus

Debra Medina – Joe Straus

It is difficult to accept the fact that Debra Medina endorsed Straus, calling him “steadfast in his commitment to wield the gavel in a fair and just manner” and “committed to making sure that the will of the members and of the citizens of Texas be done in the coming session.”

In the eyes of true conservatives, supporting Speaker Straus in indefensible?

More times than I can recall, I have heard Rush Limbaugh say, “It’s not what they say, It’s what they do that matters”.

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Texas conservatives had a great night

Michael Quinn Sullivan

From Michael Quinn Sullivan & the EmpowerTexans.com team –

Texas conservatives had a great night, posting strong wins around the state.

It was also a very bad night for squishy Republicans, like House Speaker Joe Straus who lost two more committee chairmen. And a downright miserable night for Mr. Straus’ own state senator, the newly-defeated Jeff Wentworth.

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