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Sources: Whistleblower Forcing Out UT President

4 Jul 2014


AUSTIN, Texas–Two highly placed sources say University of Texas president Bill Powers has been given a choice: resign by the end of the day July 4, or be fired next week. The order comes as a whistleblower has allegedly stepped forward with information tying Powers directly to a growing admissions scandal. The sources tell Breitbart Texas that the decision to axe Powers came early Thursday, with the ultimatum handed down by UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa and Board of Regents chairman Paul Foster.


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EmpowerTexans Update –

From EmpowerTexans.com, by Michael Quinn Sullivan, February 26, 2012 –

Even as Texans move more solidly to the commonsense right this election season, Republican House Speaker Joe Straus is betting against conservatives in the Lone Star State.

Straus’ Campaign Against Conservatives

Back in 2010, Joe Straus campaigned against a Republican super-majority, preferring to keep liberal Democratic incumbents like Patrick Rose and Jim McReynolds in office. Too bad they lost big to conservatives Jason Isaac and James White, respectively.

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Straus Channels Obama: ‘No More Cuts, Hike Revenues’

From EmpowerTexas.com, by , October 28, 2011When it comes to confronting Texas’ budget challenges of 2013 and beyond, Republican House Speaker Joe Straus has an answer: no more spending cuts. Instead, Joe Straus wants to look for new revenues. That means digging deeper into your wallet and ruining Texas’ economy.

Winston Churchill once said that to think it is possible to be taxed “into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” Mr. Straus, apparently, would make that bucket heavier by letting government live beyond the taxpayers’ means. Continue reading →

Texas 82nd legislative session begins

With all of the fanfare expected for Texas legislative representatives and senators, the 82nd biennial session came to order Tuesday at noon. The Texas Constitution requires them to meet on the second Tuesday in January in odd-numbered years for 140 business days. Members of the Texas Legislature are paid $600 a month taxable stipend for their service, and the ethics laws make gifts to them while in session almost impossible.

On the first day of the session, the halls are filled with citizens and officials from across the state who have interests of concern in the Legislature. Wise County Judge Bill McElhaney and Wise County Commissioner Kevin Burns were present, advocating for the county.

Phil King

District 61 Rep. Phil King welcomed constituents into his offices, together with his competent and helpful staff. District 30 Sen. Craig Estes delayed his morning staff meeting to invite me into his office for a visit. It was a day when many citizens and political friends crossed paths in a spirit of passion and unity for the work of our great state of Texas. The comforting thing was to see the engraving in the woodwork above the Speaker’s podium, boldly proclaiming, “In God We Trust.” Continue reading →

Republican Caucus of the Texas Legislature Supports Straus

The Republican Caucus of the Texas Legislature met @ 1:30 PM and by 2:30 PM it concluded with the announcement that the Caucus voted 70 – 30 to support incumbent Speaker of the House Joe Straus!  This was almost a 100% disappointment to the 200 or so spectators gathered in the lobby outside of the exclusive meeting room.

My lunch time with Caleb Troxclair and office visit with Phil King helped me to understand before the meeting some of the tactics which may be tried.  I am pleased with Phil King’s opposition to Speaker Straus, but it is a disappointing thing to see so many Republican legislators seemingly bow to pressures which I believe are not the preferences of their voting constituencies.

Of course, Caucus decisions are not binding.  Anything can happen on the Floor of the House when the agenda tomorrow calls for the 1:00 PM process to begin with the election of a speaker for this term.  I will be in the galley tomorrow to witness what transpires and will report back to you.

There are 150 members of the Texas House.  Republicans have 101 and Democrats have 49.

D. A. Sharpe, Director of Communications
Wise County Republican Party

C:  817-504-6508

Statewide grassroots organizations working to educate voters about Texas Speaker race

As leaders of statewide and regional grassroots organizations, we wanted to inform you that we are working hard to educate and inform voters across the state about the Texas Speaker of the House race. The conservative grassroots mandate of November has been followed with great voter interest in who leads the House chamber for our fine state.

We wanted to let you know what information your constituents will be armed with when they are asked why they want their House member to oppose

Joe Straus

Joe Straus and instead select a true conservative for Speaker of the House. We have responded with the following information about the current Speaker of the House, Joe Straus:

The first and most important vote of the session is for a conservative House Speaker. It is imperative that Speaker Straus, elected by 11 Republicans and 65 Democrats, be replaced because growing from a 76-74 to a 101-49 Republican majority is a strong conservative message from Texas grassroots voters. Continue reading →

Why Ken Paxton Should be Texas Speaker, and Why it Matters

from Redstate.com

Posted by hogan (Profile)


The race for Texas Speaker is now in full sprint. The finish line will be the first week of January – and it’s time for all good Texans to take action to make sure we have a conservative Speaker of the House.

Erick and Drew Ryun have written several posts detailing this fight. Joe Strauss is the incumbent Speaker, having risen to that post two years ago by garnering the overwhelming support of Democrats (65) as well as 11 weak-kneed Republicans. The result? Almost half of committee chairmanships to liberal Democrats and still others to those weak Republicans, causing a much larger percentage of Republican bills to be killed than Democrat bills, and abandonment of important measures like Voter ID.

But while it is obvious that Joe Straus should not be the Texas Speaker – it’s TEXAS, after all – why should it be Ken Paxton, and why should you care?

Ken should be Speaker because he’s a good man, he’s well liked and he’s a limited government conservative with a proven track record. You should care (whether you live in Texas or not) because if we are truly going to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, we must have competent, conservative leadership at the state and local level to promote federalism from the bottom up. Continue reading →

Update: The Battle for the Texas House

As a result of Election Night 2010, the Texas House now has a truly conservative Republican majority for the first time in its history! And while liberal Republican House Speaker Joe Straus is working hard to retain his control over the new House, thanks to your efforts, the tide is beginning to turn! Not only are there now two conservative House Members running for Speaker against Joe Straus but numerous House Members have pulled their pledge cards from Straus and have now pledged to one of the conservatives.

The remaining Republican House Members are hearing from their constituents that they, too, should pull their pledge cards and support a conservative Speaker, but many of them have stiffened their necks and declared that they believe they can outlast the grassroots pressure. We encourage you to hang in there and keep the calls coming! They are making a difference, so please don’t let up. And if you have already called, then please call again – call another five times, or however many times it takes until your Representative changes his or her stand! We the people must win this fight!

We have included the newest piece on the Battle for the Texas House. It is a short YouTube clip that you can circulate to your friends, updating them on what is currently happening, and urging them to weigh in with their State Representative. Let’s make sure that what began on Election Night continues with a new conservative Speaker so that we can have the conservative economic and social policies that we need to keep Texas strong!

Texas officials engage in Gestapo-like tactics to silence your speech! We’re fighting back!

The calls to replace moderate Republican Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House are reverberating across the state.   Straus and his friends are growing desperate to hang on to the powerful Speaker seat, but your calls to oust him in favor of a true conservative are making a difference.

Here’s why Joe needs to go:
1.    Joe Straus is beholden to Democrats; he was selected by 65 Democrats and only 11 Republicans.
2.    Joe Straus is a supporter of Planned Parenthood (which in 2008 gave him $1,000) and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), which gave him a 100 percent approval rating in 2007.
3.    Homosexual activists have stated that Joe Straus is the best friend of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LBGT) community. Continue reading →

Paxton enters Speaker race

from The Lone Star Report

Written by: William Lutz


Rep. Ken Paxton (R-McKinney) confirmed he will run for Speaker of the House, a post currently held by Joe Straus who is seeking re-election. The seat is also being sough by Rep. Warren Chisum (R-Pampa). We post Paxton’s entire statement below.

“Today, on Veterans Day, we honor the service of those who have given so much to our state and nation, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice. It seems appropriate that we focus on how we can best protect our hard-won freedoms which are increasingly under attack.

On Election Day, we witnessed a monumental shift in the political climate, and I believe that historic opportunities demand bold action in defense of our conservative values. Voters across Texas sent a clear message that they favor leadership dedicated to protecting our freedoms and fighting government growth. Texans have provided us with an historic mandate, and they expect us to use this mandate to honestly advance conservative principles and not simply protect the status quo. These goals can only be accomplished with a conservative Speaker. Continue reading →