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Forget Hillary Clinton….THIS Person Will Be the Democrat Nominee

From AllenbWest.com, by Allen West, 08/07/15 –

hillary-sad-300x180In full disclosure, I’m writing this missive about 45 minutes before the GOP prime-time presidential debate. I watched the first debate and, as I predicted yesterday, Carly Fiorina blew the doors off and she is indeed the breakout candidate. She’d previously only attained about a 40% name recognition. That will now change. She displayed a Margaret Thatcher-like directness, strength, composure, poise and competence. As I stated previously, her speech at the Reagan Library was spectacular. She’s certainly deserved attention.

But the purpose of this missive is not about the GOP presidential primary. Let’s ponder something that no one’s probably going to consider today — the Democrat party presidential primary. Needless to say, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb are not part of the equation.

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