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IRS caught breaking law to target conservatives

From WND, by Garth Kant, 06/09/14 –

WASHINGTON — The IRS appears to have been caught red-handed breaking federal law in its zeal to criminally prosecute conservatives for their political activities.

The House Oversight committee has revealed the IRS sent the FBI a database containing more than a million pages of confidential taxpayer information that is protected by federal law.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, or DOJ, is now admitting the FBI should never have had that data in the first place.

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Non-accountability marches onward at the IRS

IRS_logo-2From RedState.com, By: John Hayward, June 10th, 2013 – How is the great crusade to bring accountability to the IRS coming along?  According to Eliana Johnson at National Reviewthe Director of Rulings and Agreements, Holly Paz, just became “the fifth Washington D.C.-based IRS official involved in the current scandal to leave her position.”

According to the House Oversight Committee, Paz was involved in an internal IRS investigation that in May 2012 concluded that the agency had been discriminating against conservative groups.

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Class Calls IRS Rude, Crude and Abusive

From Courthouse News Service, By REBEKAH KEARN, 03/14/13 –

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A lurid but vague class action accuses corrupt and abusive IRS agents of stealing 10 million people’s medical records without a warrant – including “intimate medical records of every state judge in California.”

John Doe Company sued 15 John Doe IRS agents in Superior Court.

“This is an action involving the corruption and abuse of power by several Internal Revenue Service (‘IRS’) agents (collectively referred to as ‘defendants’ herein) during a raid of John Doe Company, in the Southern District of California, on March 11, 2011,” the complaint states. “In a case involving solely a tax matter involving a former employee of the company, these agents stole more than 60,000,000 medical records of more than 10,000,000 Americans, including at least 1,000,000 Californians.

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IRS sued for improperly seizing the medical records of 10 million Americans

Medical_Records-1From The Daily Caller, by Caroline May, 05/15/2013 – Amid a firestorm about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting conservative  groups and wide concern that the tax service will be administering Obamacare,  the IRS is also the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging that 15 of its  agents improperly seized 10 million Americans’ medical records.

Attorney Robert Barnes filed the lawsuit in mid-March  on behalf of a John Doe Company and individuals whose records were seized in  California Superior Court, according to a report from the Courthouse News Service.

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Pastors Call Left’s Bluff: No IRS Penalties for Preaching Politics

by Matt Barber | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 11/4/12 –

The jig is up. The news is out. Pastors across America have called the left’s bluff. The empty words “separation of church and state” – a phrase found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution – have lost their sting.

Yes, “separation” still applies, but only insofar as it requires the state to remain separate from the church. That is to say, that government not interfere with the free exercise of either speech or religion.

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Ministers defy prohibition on endorsing candidates

OneNewsNow, (AP), October 9, 2012 – 
SAN DIEGO – One of more than 1,500 ministers who planned to endorse candidates from their pulpits Sunday says he told his congregation that he’ll cast his vote for Mitt Romney.
San Diego pastor Jim Garlow is the national chairman of Pulpit Freedom Sunday, which challenges the IRS ban on tax-exempt churches endorsing candidates or parties.

Jim Garlow

The pastor of Skyline Church says the law needs to be challenged to prove that it’s an unconstitutional violation of pastors’ free speech and religious rights. “We believe it’s our biblical authority to obey God — and it’s our constitutional right, based upon the First Amendment,” says the pastor.Garlow says some clergy participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday probably endorsed President Barack Obama. But Garlow says he told his congregation that he believes Obama’s support for legal abortion and same-sex “marriage” violates biblical principles.

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House ethics trial opens for NY’s Charles Rangel

from gopusa.com 

by Larry Margasak


WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Charles Rangel of New York headed the House’s tax-writing committee but acknowledged shortchanging the Internal Revenue Service on his own tax bill. Now, a House ethics panel will judge whether filing an amended tax return and belatedly paying his taxes and other financial and fundraising practices violated the congressional rule book.

A rare ethics trial begins Monday for the representative from Harlem. Rangel’s career peaked in 2007 when he became chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. It took a dive last March, when he relinquished that post after his corporate-funded travel was criticized in a separate ethics case. Continue reading →

‘Political’ pastor challenges IRS censorship: ‘Sue me’

from – www.thoughtsfromaconservativemom.com

Author: Rachel

A complaint has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service against an Iowa church on the basis of political involvement. Continue reading →

‘Political’ pastor to IRS: Sue me!

by Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow 

IRS logo (Internal Revenue Service)A complaint has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service against an Iowa church on the basis of political involvement.

Next month, voters in The Hawkeye State will have an opportunity to vote against renewing terms for three state Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of homosexual “marriage.” Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City sent a letter to pastors around the state encouraging them to join in the effort to remove the three from the bench. In response, Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a complaint against the Sioux City pastor. Continue reading →