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The doctor will free you now!

By Andrea Lapp – Something I’d like to point out is that it wasn’t a “Republican Party Slate” vs. a “Grassroots Slate”. Since voting in a Republican primary qualifies one as a Republican, these were two Republican slates of delegates; one offered by the nominating committee and the other offered by those of us who might consider ourselves to be grassroots Republicans.

People tend to spend their time where they find it most effective in achieving their desired results. A few years back, thinking that attending the monthly meetings and running for precinct chair would be a good way to be involved, I quickly learned that I would instead simply become a cog in a machine that perpetuates mediocrity and the status quo. No vigorous discussion or debate occurred at the meetings. No hard questions were posed to our elected representatives. Therefore, I decided to spend my time affecting change outside of this core of the party.

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