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Obama’s biggest fans abandoning ship?

From WND.com, by Drew  Zahn, 05/18/2013 –

They used to think him a ‘thrill,’ but latest scandals smell  more of ‘tyranny’


Barack Obama once enjoyed a Teflon reputation in the mainstream media, where  his allies were quick to deflect criticism of his presidency and bad news never seemed to stick.

But as scandal upon scandal have washed over his administration in recent  weeks – first a floundering response to attacks in Benghazi that led to the  death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, then reports the IRS targeted  his political opponents, then news the Justice Department seized phone records of Associated Press reporters – even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters in the media are turning critical.

Liberal and Incompetent

Gov. Bobby Jindahl

From RedState.com, Posted by Gov. Bobby Jindal, Thursday, June 14th at 7:22PM EDT – A few weeks back I found myself at the scene of the crime… campaigning in Wisconsin with Governor Walker. One thing was abundantly clear, and if you spent any time helping out Governor Walker in his campaign, you can attest to this — The radical left has taken over the Democrat Party.

Last Tuesday in Wisconsin, the silent majority was very loud. Call it the Cheesehead Rebellion. I suppose you could say that the people have spoken, but the truth is they spoke a year and half ago and this entire recall election was nothing more than a case of sour grapes from the radical left that has taken over the once proud Democrat Party. Let’s remember what happened here. The hard left launched this recall because Scott Walker had the audacity to act in the best interests of the people of Wisconsin.

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The Good Ole Boy System is alive and well at city hall!

by Lenny Leatherman

Waymon Hamilton


Craig Swancy

While attending the Weatherford City Council meeting December 14, 2010, I watched in disgust the manner in which council members Craig Swancy and Waymon Hmilton conducted themselves and the willful disrespect they displayed toward fellow council members Jerry Clinton and Eric Matthews.

During a discussion to consider an appointment to the Weatherford Municipal Utility Board, Matthews asked if there were more applicants than the individual for whom a vote was about to be cast.  Swancy  and Hamilton said there were other applications.  Clinton and Matthews both asked to be given an opportunity to review the additional applications.  Clinton and Matthews both stated in public that they had not been given an opportunity to review all the applications.

Swancy and Hamilton appeared to have been totally overwhelmed by the simple task of ensuring ALL council members actually received all applications for selection to the utility board – incredible! Continue reading →

Is it “We The People”, or is it “WE vs The People”?

How many times have you heard City Officials tell the citizens of Weatherford how much better off they are with the socialized monopoly commonly called Weatherford Electric (WE)?

Is it because WE employees are more efficient than electricity providers who routinely compete in the marketplace?

How many times have you driven past a TXU work site and observed only one employee out of ten actually working?

This morning at about 9:30 am, I observed Weatherford Electric (WE) employees (see photos below) going about the business of looking out for the interests of Weatherford citizens.  What would John Stossel say – “give me a break”!   Is this not a disgusting insult to you – the tax payer who is not allowed to search the market for a more efficiently ran organization who can provide power at a reasonable rate?

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