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Voter ID: Are 72% of Huffington Post Readers Racist?

From Breitbart.com, by John Nolte, 6 Aug 2013 – Normally, I do not concern myself with what the openly left-wing Huffington Post does. I actually respect the fact that the outlet doesn’t hide its biases (if the rest of the media did this, I would be out of a job). What the Huffington Post is not entitled to do, though, is to write wildly misleading articles that ignore crucial context while accusing others of racism.

In a noxious article, co-written by Saki Knafo and Ryan J. Reilly, readers are asked outright: Are North Carolina “Republican lawmakers racist?” This is in reaction to a number of news laws recently passed in my beloved state that will require voters to show ID and limit the time-frame for early voting. There will also be an effort to clean-up the voter rolls — removing the dead, etc.

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