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“Joe Straus Has To Turn to Democrats”

Texas Rep.Wayne Christian (R-Center ) asked an attorney to research the information being circulated by former Speaker Rayford Price (D – Palestine ) and by Rep. Deshotel (D – Beaumont ).
Rayford Price was the Democrat Speaker of the House for only one year (1972-73); and he formed a law firm with Ray Hutchison, U. S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s husband. Rayford Price practices law in Austin .
For some reason, the Austin American-Statesman on 1.3.11 decided to turn to Democrat Rayford Price for his opinion on the Republican Caucus to be held on Jan. 10 in Austin .
It is at this Caucus that the Republicans are scheduled to select the person they intend to support for the Speaker when a full vote on the House floor is taken on January 11. Continue reading →