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Political Secrets: Why incumbents are rarely replaced

From HeritageAlliance.com, promoting Judeo-Christian values in government since 1985.


5% of voters elect 95% of federal and state legislators.

Only way to replace 95% of incumbents is in party primaries.

95% of the U.S. House of Representatives, State Senators and State Representatives are determined in party primaries.

Every 10 years after the census is taken, state legislators redraw legislative boundaries to evenly apportion the population. The legislators in the political party with the majority in that state will draw boundaries so that minority party legislators will win general elections with 65 – 80% margins. Continue reading →

Choosing a conservative Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives


The purpose of this letter is to ask you to:

  • Read my commentary below
  • Scroll down to read the letter from my friend Michael Smith at Heritage Alliance about the Texas House Speaker’s race
  • Read the attached letter signed by conservative leaders throughout Texas
  • Contact your State Representative about choosing a conservative  Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives -directions for doing so are listed below

It won’t be long until the Texas Legislature convenes in January.

As one who has moved to Austin to live there temporarily throughout  the last seven legislative sessions in order to serve as a volunteer lobbyist for the conservative, pro-family organization, Texas Eagle Forum, I can tell you first hand that the very first, as well as the very most important, vote that will be taken this session will be the vote for Speaker of the House. Continue reading →