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Texas ~ strong economy and free health care?

by Lenny Leatherman –

Why are the big counties in Texas growing so rapidly? There may be more than one reason. While many are coming here because our economy is strong, could others be drawn here for free health care?

Today the Washington Post ran an article written by N.C. Aizenman about what I believe amounts to tacit collusion between officials from the state’s biggest counties.

The Washington Post article stated that, “For years, Texas’s six most populous counties, as well as some smaller localities, have offered free [emphasis added] or low-cost health care for uninsured residents with incomes as much as three times the federal poverty level, or about $57,000 [emphasis added] for a family of three. The cost of the programs: about $2 billion a year.”

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Texas has universal health care

From The Daily Caller, By October 27, 2011 – Many commentators have portrayed Texas’s uninsured rate as evidence of Texans’ lack of access to health care. However, the reality is that Texas’s problem is not care but cost.

How does an uninsured individual receive care? In Texas and across the country, the answer is all too often through an emergency room. The costs of emergency room visits are ultimately picked up by a combination of county tax dollars, Medicaid and cost-shifting to insured patients.

This system of universal health care is based on market distortions caused by federal price controls and regulations, chiefly the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) and Medicaid. Continue reading →

Statistics That Tell a Story –

Why do U.S. politicians point to the “wonderful” health care plans of England and of Canada when both are FAILURES?  Is it because they want to control health care to gain an even greater “death-grip” on the country?  The second set of facts are just as amazing as the first.
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