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Commissioner’s Court Has a Deaf Ear to the Voice of the People on Gun Ordinance

By Terry Lehmann – It was a packed courtroom Monday at Parker County Commissioner’s Court.  Every bench was full; people were standing in the back of the room and on the side.  The overflow of people gathered around the door to get a chance to hear what was being said.  The issue was rescinding the gun ordinance put in place a few years ago.

Dusty Renfro brought this issue back to the court after visiting Normandy and realizing the ordinance was another freedom that was fought that was taken away.  The freedom of using one’s property in a safe manner and the right to bear arms, even if only to shoot at targets is not to be taken lightly.  Commissioner Renfro’s concern was the government becoming too involved in our personal lives and not letting personal responsibility guide our actions and our laws.

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