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GOPAC-TX Recruiting. Training. Electing.

Taxed Enough Already?  Me too.
As GOPAC-TX Board members travel across Texas, we speak of the very same principles that guide the TEA Party movement:  the desire for smaller government, lower taxes, protecting liberty and defending freedom.
But, Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives want to inflate government and tax you more.  That’s not really surprising.  However, some Texas Democrats have signed a letter supporting Obama Care.  Imagine that.  Big Government with higher tax-dollars coming to save you. You and I must put a stop to that now.

Texas Federation of Republican Women & GOPAC presents “Get Out The Vote”

Texas Federation of Republican Women, in partnership with GOPAC, is conducting a Get Out The Vote workshop in Wichita Falls on August 21, 2010.  Show your support by attending this important training. You will learn about Voter Vault, what to say and not to say while campaigning, how to conduct a Candidate Forum and many other important and interesting topics.


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GOPAC-TX and TFRW in Lufkin, July 10th

by Phil King



GOPAC-TX continues its mission to train candidates and grassroots throughout Texas!  Please join GOPAC-TX and TFRW in Lufkin, July 10th, for another in our series of regional training seminars.  Please see the attached registration for details.  These seminars are FREE to all in attendance.  Thank you for your financial support which makes this possible!

Phil King, Chair GOPAC-TX

PS: The database is growing fast.  If we have you for multiple emails please let me know.  Sorry if that is occurring.  Phil

GOPAC-TX Issues Seminar at Texas GOP Convention is Huge Success

by Phil King


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Contact: (817) 596-8100

June 16, 2010

Austin – On the eve of the Republican Party of Texas state convention, GOPAC-TX held an Issues Seminar for state legislative candidates and incumbents to discuss key issues facing Texas such as the budget, property rights and taxes, energy and  healthcare, school finance, and redistricting.  Over 80 candidates and incumbents attended this seminar.

GOPAC-TX Chairman Phil King stated, “The opportunity for incumbents and candidates to engage in a meaningful discussion on important issues can only help better prepare us for the next legislative session.”   He added, “And, when we stick to our core conservative principles, Republicans will have even greater success in the November election.”

GOPAC-TX will continue to sponsor trainings throughout the State of Texas in order to grow the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature.

What Phil Believes about Government

by Phil King –

“Don’t spend what you don’t have. Problems created by over spending and debt won’t be solved by more spending and more debt. Keep taxes as low as possible and the tax system as simple as possible. Excessive regulation smothers life and commerce. Whatever regulation government maintains must be predictable and navigable. Make courts accessible but don’t let them become profit centers or law makers. Focus on the basic responsibilities of government – public safety, education, and transportation. Make local control the first resort, not the last. Don’t let government compete with business. Government must never provide goods and services that are available from the private sector. Trust people over big government. Government can never be all things to all people.”

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