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Mississippi’s only abortion clinic can remain open, but new state law can take effect, judge rules

June 27, 2012: In this photograph, anti-abortion advocates stand outside Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, singing and praying for their patients, and “counseling” them to reject abortion. (AP)

From Fox News, Associated Press, Published July 14, 2012 – JACKSON, Miss. –  A federal judge on  Friday allowed Mississippi’s anti-abortion law to take effect but said the  state’s only clinic can remain open and will not face any penalties as it tries  to comply with new requirements.

U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan III gave the clinic and the state each a  partial victory with his ruling on the clinic’s request for a preliminary  injunction. The law requires anyone who does abortions at the clinic to be an  OB-GYN with privileges to admit patients to a local hospital. The clinic’s two  out-of-state OB-GYNS don’t have those privileges and have had difficulty getting  them from local hospitals.

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