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Weatherford City Council members acting like playground bullies – kid stuff

At last Tuesday evening’s Weatherford City Council meeting, the residents of Weatherford were treated to what could only be described as “kidstuff”. The playground bully and his sidekick tried to dominate the appointments with their own hand-picked personal favorites and last minute recruitments to advisory boards and committees.
The voters of Weatherford got it right with the election of Eric Matthews. Thank you, Eric and Jerry Clinton, for standing up for the residents of Weatherford against the “good ole boys”.
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How much do you know about Weatherford city council candidates?

by Jason Harrison


Are you familiar with the background of the people you elected to run your city government?  Are you concerned about the taxes you currently pay, and how much more you will inevitably pay in taxes if you keep the same “good ole boys” in city council positions.

What are you prepared to do to solve the problem? Are you going to re-elect the same old guys who caused the problem and then expect them to fix the problem? How insane is that???

I recently moved my family to Weatherford for several reasons – but the main reason is because I love the conservative lifestyle in and around Weatherford.  My wife and I believe this is the best place in the DFW area to raise our family.  Where we came from is not important, but I can assure you we learned first hand what inept good ole boy politicians can do to city government.

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