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Global Warming Revisited

WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE GONE? No. 15 Thomas Paine – December 2010 C.S. No. 8 referenced the subject of Global Warming being discredited by some obviously falsified information. My level of expertise does not extend to climate change, so, as I pointed out at that time it was not my intent to support or rebuke global warming issues. My purpose then was to use global warming as an example of how notion can run rampant over fact, especially when some elements of academia forgo their integrity in order to help prove a point they are having difficulty proving by using only validated data. That same notion becomes even more pervasive when the public is subjected to a seemingly endless stream of news clips and television segments aimed at supporting the idea conveyed by the notion, while those same information sources further abet the process by ignoring contrary comments and valid, supporting, contrary evidence.

Now it seems as though global warming has been placed on a back burner along with the current administration’s Cap and Trade aspirations. This should not be taken to indicate climate change will never produce some troublesome effects in the coming decades. Common sense reminds us to beware of assigning a single causation to complex system reactions. Continue reading →