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Cut-n-Run Conlely ~ which way did he go?

Does anyone really believe Commissioner Conley will show up to defend his dismal voting record on Commissioners Court during the upcoming Republican Party Candidate Forum scheduled for May 3rd or the Candidate Forum in Azle on May 8th? It ain’t gonna happen – not Cut-n-Run Conley!

The following by TEA Party leader Dawn King, is in response to an article in the Weatherford Democrat titled “Is Conley scared of election opposition?”

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Is Conley scared of election opposition?

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Guest Columnist Amy Fortenberry – With the recent press over Commissioner Conley sorting through the signature collected from Jon Moffett in Precinct 1 it makes one ask, what is he scared of? Mr. Conley seems to have a tract history of going after the signatures every time they have been offered up in play. In the last year we have witnessed his uncanny ability to scramble when it would seem that someone else had more signatures then him during an election, so what is he scared of?

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Conley files with Second Court of Appeals






RE: Commissioner George Conley files with the Second Court of Appeals

To The Citizens of Parker County:

The current commissioner and my opponent, George Conley, is challenging the signatures and information provided by his own precinct’s residents.┬áHe is using the same tactic that Obama used to win his first race – challenging the signatures of voters to knock his opponent off the ballot. He says he wanted to run on his record. Instead he ran to the courthouse. I say let’s let the voters decide. My signatures have been reviewed and approved by the county republican chair. I have been certified for placement on the May 29 ballot.

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Conley disputes validity of petition

Springtown-Epigraph.net, by Carla Noah Stutsman, April 04, 2012

George Conley

George Conley, Parker County Precinct One Commissioner, says the petition filed by his opponent in the upcoming Republican primary election is not valid.

Jon Moffett filed a petition containing the signatures of 150 citizens in lieu of paying a $750 filing fee to run for the seat.

According to state law, Moffett needed a minimum of 120 registered voters to sign the petition in order to qualify.

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