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Commish 3′s views on Parker County Politics and the 2011-2012 Budget Process

by Joh Roth, County Commissioiner, Precinct 3, September 22, 2011

Commissioner John Roth


All of Parker County’s elected officials have been Republican for quite a few years.  In the last Presidential election,Parker County voters overwhelmingly voted for the Republican candidate(s).  Because of those two factors, you—like me—would think that Parker County could be a model that other counties look to for conservative leadership.  Well, looks can be deceiving!


After being elected to office in 2004, I had no idea that being a conservative would bring such controversy to commissioner’s court.  Naïve me, I thought all republicans were grounded in the party platform.  I thought it was a given that we were united on principles such as less government, personal responsibility, pro second amendment and private property rights.  Boy was I wrong! Continue reading →

How is the Weatherford City Council spending your tax money?????

Notice of City Council Meeting – March 22nd


2. RS-032211-01

Pgs. 28-31

Consider adoption of Ordinance 524-2011-05 on final reading to approve the 2010-11 amended annual budget.

Executive Summary

General Fund

Adopted      Adjustment      Amended

First Monday

106,129              850,000                   956,129

Pg. 30

From the cities General Fund the item listed as First Monday.  The General Fund is where taxes, fees and other sources of income is deposited.  All monies deposited in the General Fund are considered “taxes” used to pay city bills and debts. Continue reading →