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Preacher convicted of quoting Bible, now high court jumps in

Michael Overd

Michael Overd

From WorldNetDaily.com, by Bob Unruh, 12/16/15 –

An appeals judge in the United Kingdom has issued a stunning reversal of a lower-court judge’s blast at the Bible over a street preacher who quoted Leviticus in explaining the Christian perspective on homosexuality.

According to officials with Christian Concern, which fought in court on behalf of street preacher Michael Overd, it was Taunton Crown Court Circuit Judge David Ticehurst who upheld Overd’s appeal.

He ruled the government “failed to provide sufficient evidence to justify the conviction,” the organization reported.

Overd had been convicted by a judge, Shamim Ahmed Qureshi, who also serves with the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, the overseer of the nation’s Shariah courts.

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