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Councilman Eric Matthews – Keep Asking Tough Questions

Councilman Eric Matthews

Councilman Eric Matthews has done exactly what he said he would do – ask the tough questions and demand straight answers.  His technique of ‘knowing the answer to half the questions he asks’ has paid huge dividends.

Immediately Matthews began to stir things up, and like a big pile of cow manure when it is stirred, things began to smell!  And no, that’s not micro-managing city staff. That is leadership in action! He was  looking out for the interest of Weatherford citizens when he exposed the stench of a plan to spend over $8 million on a First Monday/Heritage Park facelift!  When questioned about the probability of an acceptable return on that $8.2 million investment in improvements to First Monday/Heritage Park, the City Manager admitted that no study had been done to determine the feasibility of such an undertaking.  He could only say in a Parks and Recreation Board meeting that he ‘hopes’ it is successful. The most repeated word in that meeting was we “hope“… Continue reading →