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Texas is Losing the War on Feral Hogs

Little has changed since this ABC report in 2014 by Liz Fields.

From WideOpenCountry.com, BY JOHN MCADAMS, 04/24/2014 –

Despite years of intense hunting and trapping, Texas is losing the war on feral hogs.

Since the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) first began removing feral hogs in 1982, the hog population in the Lone Star State has dramatically increased and there are now more than ten times as many hogs in the state as there were then. Unfortunately, the evidence is clear: Texas is losing the war on feral hogs.

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Flash Riot or Feral Rampage – Update

Updated: Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 –
Published : Wednesday, 17 Aug 2011, PHILADELPHIA – First on Fox 29: a new video surfaces of another unprovoked attack in Philadelphia, right outside City Hall, by a group of teen girls on a worker. Continue reading →