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Federally Administered Lands: The Original Intent

The Tenth Amendment Center, November 3, 2016 –

Today, the federal government assumes the power to own and regulate about 1 million square miles of land within the United States. Despite this, the writers and ratifiers of the United States Constitution intended for the federal government to administer much less land, and only in certain cases.

District Court Order Grants Motion for Texas General Land Office to Intervene in TPPF Lawsuit Against Bureau of Land Management

From the Texas Public Policy Foundation Press Release, by CAROLINE ESPINOSA,  March 25, 2016 


Lawsuit Challenges Federal Government Taking of Private Homesteads

AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) issued the following statement from the Honorable Robert Henneke, general counsel and director of TPPF’s Center for the American Future, on the federal District Court’s Order granting the Texas General Land Office’s motion to intervene in Aderholt, et al. v. Bureau of Land Management, et. al. TPPF’s Center for the American Future is representing individual property owners, the counties of Wichita, Clay, and Wilbarger, and the Clay County Sheriff in the lawsuit challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) unconstitutional and arbitrary seizure of thousands of acres of private property along the Red River in Texas.

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