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Recognizing the Reality of Political Systems

WHERE HAS COMMON SENSE GONE? No. 14 Thomas Paine – November 2010

Obama has often been referred to as a socialist and sometimes even a communist. He probably is neither, but it is possible he could be something worse!  Obama could unwittingly be a fascist.

I say this even while believing that Obama is at best nothing more than an absentee president. He seems totally unable to take a firm position, based on reasoned thought, on any subject. He talks too much but says little of any value. He has surrounded himself with persons who have proved to be as inconsistent in constructive thought as he is. However, this should not be construed to mean that as a group they are not harmful.  They are likely very dangerous to our national interests. Their attention is focused mostly on a few select, self-serving  internal matters while not nearly  enough attention is given to the festering international situations facing our nation at present. Continue reading →