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King sponsored bill signed by Governor


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Governor Signs King Bill to Protect Texas Landowners

AUSTIN – This past weekend Governor Perry signed SB 655, sponsored by State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford), into law.  This legislation clarifies and strengthens existing law related to eminent domain in Texas to prevent certain entities from exercising eminent domain for improper purposes.

“The legislature has made good strides over the past several years in protecting Texas landowners from abuses in the use of eminent domain,” King stated, “S.B. 655 adds to these protections by limiting the circumstances under which the ever-growing water and wastewater districts in Texas may exercise this authority.  These districts will now be limited to exercising eminent domain only if the property they plan to take will be used for a public use, as opposed to ‘public purpose.’  The public use requirement is a much higher burden for the condemning authority to meet.”

S.B. 655 received more than a two-thirds vote in both chambers of the legislature, and is therefore effective immediately.
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Weatherford attempting to trample on “private property rights and eminent domain”?

UPDATE – For your convenience, the draft US 180 Corridor Vision Plan.


We, the residents/voters of Weatherford Texas would love to have Mr. Parker visit with us.  Our City Council is “trying” to “ramrod” thru a project called “The City of Weatherford’s U S Highway 180 Corridor Vision Plan”.  It can be found posted on the Weatherford website, www.ci.weatherford.tx.us/ within the “Agendas and Minutes” for the Planning and Zoning Board meeting of June 8 2001.  The most offensive part is in the “Implementation Strategies” beginning on page 29 of the draft proposal.  Continue reading →

Senate Passes Eminent Domain Reform Bill

Senator Craig Estes

Austin – The Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 18, by State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) which provides key reforms to the state’s eminent domain laws.

“Private property and the right to own and profit from it, are fundamental to not only our economic liberty, but also our personal liberty,” said Estes.  “Senate Bill 18 provides meaningful eminent domain reform and strengthens the rights of property owners against the use of eminent domain by government or other condemning authorities,” said Estes.

Senate Bill 18 makes several key revisions to current law, including requiring that condemning authorities make a good faith offer before condemning procedures begin, prohibiting the taking of private property unless it is for a public use, improving notice and disclosure by condemning entities, applying condemnation rules to all condemning entities, and providing property owners with the opportunity to buy back property at the original purchase price if the taken property is not used for its public purpose in ten years. Continue reading →