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Its always FUN to spend other peoples money

Ross Kecseg “Local Government Threaten Texas Prosperity: Property Taxes, Debt, Forced Annexation. Learn what citizens can do …

“……….Learn what citizens can do about it! ”

They can start by reelecting NO ONE and send a clear mandate that the ‘back room’ deals and business as usual is O-V-E-R.

has anyone seen the so-called local ” TEA Party” of late ?

You will never reform corrupt county judges, commissioners, mayors, state reps and senators – they are part-and-parcel of the system which is destroying the working man, blue collar, and entreprenural class.

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Commissioners Court meetings still not televised


Update: It was due to no fault of Commissioners Court that I was unable to navigate the new Parker County Government website well enough to locate Commissioners Court Minutes. They are there for public viewing. Thank you County Judge Mark Riley for following through on your commitment to make county government as transparent as possible.


Taxpayers are STILL waiting for Commissioners Court to televise their meetings like so many other counties across Texas are doing.

Why not? Is it because we lack the intellectual capacity, the technical skills, or the money? I think not! I believe it is no more complicated than getting signatures on a contract!

Question: What is the maximum effect range of an excuse!

Enough  excuses…we expect results!



by Lenny Leatherman –

Another four years have passed and Commissioners Court (CC) meetings are still not televised…WHY?

It cannot be because it would be too expensive. County employees spend more driving County owned vehicles to and from their homes in one year than it would cost to televise all CC meetings.

So…why aren’t CC meetings televised? Is it because some on the court are “not ready for prime time”? We wouldn’t want the voters to see how ‘qualified’ some of our elected representatives really are, and how business is actually conducted – would we?

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