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Analysis: Egypt’s message to Obama – Keep your aid

US faces danger that Egypt will turn to rival country for aid.
Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

 From Jerusalem Post, By REUTERS, 10/11/2013

CAIRO – A US decision to curtail military and economic aid to Egypt to promote democracy may ultimately backfire, pushing Cairo to seek assistance elsewhere and giving Washington less leverage to stabilize a country in the heart of the Middle East.

Washington faces a dilemma in dealing with its major regional ally: Egypt controls the Suez Canal and has a peace treaty with neighboring Israel but its army overthrew the first freely elected president, Islamist Mohamed Morsi, in July.

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Sabbahi demands changes for constitutional articles on freedoms

From the Egypt Independent, Virginie Nguyen, Fri, 05/10/2012 –
Hamdeen Sabbahi, founder of the new Popular Current Party and former presidential candidate, said on Wednesday evening that he agreed with Alliance of the Egyptian Nation head Amr Moussa that 10 articles in the new constitution’s section on rights and freedoms should be amended.

Genesis 47:13-27 Recent Virginia Church Service – Stimulus Sermon

from dailypaul.com, by emalvini on Sat, 03/03/2012 – Genesis 47:13-27 Recent Virginia Church Service – Stimulus Sermon

I would love to give the pastor of this predominantly black church in Virginia a hug and a high five. This man of God is obviously a leader.

Perhaps we should each decide who our real Leader is…It is amazing to see that very little has changed in 4,000 years.


Good morning, brothers and sisters; it’s always a delight to see the pews crowded on Sunday morning, and so eager to get into God’s Word. Turn with me in your Bibles, if you will, to the 47th chapter of Genesis; we’ll begin our reading at verse 13 and go through verse 27.

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Obama’s Egyptian Fiasco

Larry Domnitch is an educator and an author.

From IsraelNationalNews.com, by Larry Domnitch, February 07, 2012 – Mubarak kept the Muslim Brotherhood at bay. That was more important for the world than lauding the”democratic” revolution in Tahrir Square, which anyone who understands the area realized would soon give way to Islamic dominance. And it has.

When President Obama delivered his Egyptian version of hope and “change” in a speech at the Cairo University in June 2009, members of the then outlawed Muslim Brotherhood were attendance upon the president’s insistence. Egypt’s President Mubarak did not show up. ‘Change’ was already in the air.

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Wanted: A Grand Strategy for America

You must watch this priceless video!

Mika Brzezinski and her colleagues on MSNBCs’ were left dumbstruck by the following column’s author.

Harvard History Professor Niall Ferguson thoroughly exposed Obama and his administration’s ineptness in foreign policy.  The MSNBC folks were left speechless by Ferguson’s compelling factual account of Obama’s incompetence.



by Niall Ferguson

Obama’s Egypt debacle and the vacuum it exposes.

Mandel Ngan / AFP-Getty Images

President Obama in front of the Sphinx during a tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza following his Cairo speech in June 2009.

“The statesman can only wait and listen until he hears the footsteps of God resounding through events; then he must jump up and grasp the hem of His coat, that is all.” Thus Otto von Bismarck, the great Prussian statesman who united Germany and thereby reshaped Europe’s balance of power nearly a century and a half ago. Continue reading →