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Why Are Americans Getting Dumber? New International Evidence

From Texaspolicy.com, By: Richard Vedder, February 20th, 2015

seethruedu_blog_bookOne of America’s foremost testing agencies, the Educational Testing Service, has released a new report that is incredibly sobering, demonstrating that adult Americans, regardless of educational attainment are, as a group, less literate with respect to both words and numbers, and less capable of solving problems, than counterparts throughout the industrialized world. Moreover, if anything, the problem has worsened over time despite the fact that the formal levels of educational attainment have risen. We have more schooling than ever, but are, relatively speaking, clueless about the most basic knowledge needed to communicate and make decisions in a complex market economy.  We are doing less with more – “learning per year of school” is almost certainly falling with respect to the most basic forms of knowledge needed to cope in an advanced economy. Moreover, the millennials (those born after 1980), despite their higher levels of schooling (as opposed to learning) know less than their elders. To be a bit harsh, in America, the dumb are becoming dumber.

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