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9-11-2013…Parole denied for Rickey Carter


A heartfelt thanks to all those who wrote letters to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles urging denial of parole for Rickey Carter –


Soon the surviving victims will again face the recurring challenge of keeping convicted killer Rickey Carter locked away where he can never again destroy lives with his reckless behavior.

For more information go to www.keeprickycarterinjail.com.

Campaign to fight parole of drunk driver who killed four girls

Click here to see the complete story – Campaign to fight parole of drunk driver who killed four girls.



BROCK – A painful yearly ritual has begun for friends, relatives and many strangers trying to keep a man in prison for killing four teenage girls from the tiny town of Brock, west of Fort Worth.

They were athletes, scholars and church friends, who died together in a car, crushed by a drunk driver.

Freedom for that driver may now hinge on a website.

A chipped and weathered Santa Claus next to a grave recalls Christmas of 1998, when four families buried their daughters, and the little Parker County town of Brock grieved and seethed with anger.

“I always tell everybody, buy a casket for a 17-year-old girl on Christmas Eve,” said Mark Osina.

Mark and Liz Osina lost Lacey. She was in the car with 16-year-old friends, Whitney Welch and Staci Lee.

Mandi McWhorter was the youngest – just 15.

Rickey Carter was 40-years-old and drunk when he hit the girls head-on.

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Parker County Commissioner Jim Webster sentenced Monday to 90 days in jail – probated for two years

from the FW Star Telegram –




Parker County Commissioner Jim Webster was sentenced Monday to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to obstructing a highway or passageway.

Webster was initially charged last year with driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon after his pickup struck a median in the 2600 block of Six Flags Drive in Arlington.

He called Arlington police for help with his disabled vehicle, and the officer responding said he arrested Webster because he appeared to be intoxicated and acknowledged carrying a weapon.

In a plea bargain, prosecutors dismissed the weapon charge and allowed Webster to plead guilty to obstructing a highway. First-time DWI and obstructing a highway are both Class B misdemeanors with a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

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UPDATE:  Ricky Carter’s request for parole was denied again!  Thank you for all your support in this matter.  Unfortunately, this process must be repeated each year until he serves his full sentence.


We must act now


This deadly drunk driver has been scheduled for a parole review.  He may be released from jail if we don’t act now to keep him off our streets!  Ricky Carter is serving a 20 year sentence for killing four beautiful teenage girls.  We urge you to write the parole board expressing your steadfast opposition to Carter’s release.