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Shocking truth about today’s Democratic Party

WND,David Kupelian, 03/13/2016 –

Surprise! Political home base of Obama, Clinton and Sanders isn’t what you think

David Kupelian

David Kupelian

Question: Which political party featured the following headlines on its official website recently?

  1. “Tell your Senator to say NO to ALL Planned Parenthood cuts”
  2. “Is America’s love of guns stopping common sense gun regulation?”
  3. “Republicans poisoned Flint’s children: Someone should go to jail”

If you guessed “the Democratic Party,” you’d be wrong.

Let’s keep going. The same political party’s website critiqued Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech this way:

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Volunteer for Group Opposing WI Voter ID Law Charged with Election Fraud

Image from Fox6 News

From MediaTrackers, By Brian Sikma, October 15, 2012 – A Florida woman charged Monday with two counts of election fraud in Milwaukee appears to have once worked for a community-organizing group that is fighting to stop Wisconsin from implementing its voter ID law. Yadira Colon, formerly of Wisconsin, pled no contest to charges that she illegally registered to vote in 2008 (lying about where she lived to election officials) and forged signatures on nominating petitions for then State Rep. Pedro Colon (D), no relation. Ms. Colon currently lives in Florida.

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Maddow: Without unions, ‘Democrats do not have a way to compete’

From The Daily Caller, By Michelle Fields, June 6, 2012 —
WASHINGTON — The day after a stunning union defeat in Wisconsin, MSNBC host Rachel

Rachel Maddow

Maddow said that without the influence of unions, the Democratic Party’s electoral situation is “dire,” saying that “Democrats do not have a way to compete” with Republicans.

“The Wisconsin Republicans, under Scott Walker, were using public policy to essentially dismantle public sector unions in Wisconsin. And that — however you feel about union rights in the country — it had one very practical, partisan effect, which is that the unions had been big supporters of Democratic candidates and Democratic causes and had had a lot to do with the Democratic ground game.

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