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She was alert and responsive in hospice, but couldn’t get anything to eat

From LifeSiteNews.comLisa Bourne Follow Lisa, Aug 2, 2016 –

Tabetha Long

PHILADELPHIA, August 2, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – A Philadelphia woman was put into hospice without medical basis and then while there was purposefully deprived of nutrition in a case underscoring the dangers today for the medically vulnerable.

A hospital utilization committee determined the woman would be transferred from a local hospital to hospice, an attorney in the case told LifeSiteNews, and this was done at a point in time when it was medically impossible to determine the level to which she could recover.

Utilization review (UR), or utilization management (UM), is a healthcare concept intended to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and to control the length of stay for inpatients for the purpose of managing cost.

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