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Texas Public Policy Foundation outlines alternative to failed Medicaid program



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Texas Public Policy Foundation outlines alternative to failed Medicaid program

State could provide better health care to more people with control over policies and funding

AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation unveiled a proposal that would replace the federal Medicaid program with a state-driven TexHealth program, dramatically transforming the way medical care and services are provided to low-income individuals.

“The federal Medicaid program is structurally designed to make states spend money in ineffective ways,” said TPPF Executive Director Arlene Wohlgemuth.  “However, Texas now has the opportunity to reform our state’s Medicaid program so that it better meets the needs of both the individuals it serves and the taxpayers who support it.” Continue reading →

Texas Public Policy Foundation releases conservative legislative agenda

Brook L. Rollins

Rollins: “Keeping Texas Competitive” agenda will help reduce Texas’ tax and spending burden, stand up against federal overreach, improve educational quality, and foster a free-market economy

AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation opened its 9th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature by releasing “Keeping Texas Competitive: An Agenda for Prosperity and Growth,” a package of policy recommendations for the 82nd Texas Legislature.

“Our research has documented that free markets and limited government have been the reasons for Texas’ economic dominance during the last decade,” said Foundation president Brooke Rollins.  “With the recession we just came through and the difficult challenges ahead, we wanted to put together a roadmap to help our legislators understand how they can use these 140 days to position Texas for future greatness.”

The “Keeping Texas Competitive” agenda is broken down into four areas. Continue reading →

Texas voters want more bang for the buck in higher education



New public opinion poll provides valuable guidance to lawmakers on budget solutions

AUSTIN – A public opinion survey commissioned by the Texas Public Policy Foundation and released today found that Texas voters think our state’s public colleges and universities can reduce their operating costs while improving on how they teach students.

Eighty percent of Texas voters think Texas colleges and universities can be run more efficiently, with 50 percent strongly believing so. Only 5 percent of voters think it is not possible.

Seventy-one percent of voters—44 percent strongly—believe that Texas colleges and universities can improve teaching while reducing operating costs, while a mere 13 percent disagreed.
“Texas voters want more value and higher quality teaching for the tax dollars they pay to support higher education,” said Justin Keener, TPPF vice president of policy and communications. “The results give lawmakers and university officials clear marching orders for how Texans want them to address budget shortfalls and rising tuition costs: put our students first and cut higher education overhead.” Continue reading →