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Israel is Making Every Drop Count in Africa!

Israeli irrigation know-how is directly helping farmers in 12 Senegalese regions to increase yields and cut down on pesticides.

From United With Israel, By Rivka Borochov March 15, 2012 –  

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has had a thirst to grow crops in the desert. It wasn’t just a technological challenge, but a matter of survival. Today, Israel offers some of the world’s hottest technologies in desalination, water reclamation and crop irrigation.

But the Jewish nation hasn’t forgotten those early days, when Israel hadn’t enough to drink, let alone to water fields. To help Africans in a similar situation, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s MASHAV (Agency for International Development Cooperation has developed Tipa (“drop”) to transfer Israeli drip-irrigation water technology to remote areas in Senegal, where basic amenities, even electricity, are lacking.

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