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Treasurer’s investment policy on hold

What do you think? Should an elected official of conservative Parker County be “investing”  tax dollars? Is that not gambling with someone else’s money – your taxes? Barnwell has nothing but her reputation to lose.  It is generally the person who says, “Trust me” that I trust the least. Speaking only for myself…I will not vote to keep someone in office who desires to run the county like a ‘for profit’ business.

If Barnwell is so skilled at investing, why hasn’t she made millions investing her own money?


by Judy Sheridan,the Weatherford Democrat,  02/25/14 –

Jenny Barnwell

Jenny Barnwell

A investment policy for Parker County — proported to help boost county revenues by tens of thousands of dollars — drew discussion but not approval from County Judge Mark Riley and commissioners Monday, less than a week before primary elections.

According to recently appointed Parker County Treasurer Jenny Barnwell, a candidate for office and the revised policy’s author, the proposed policy is more flexible than the current one.

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