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Public records reveal truth

Judge Lynn Marie Johnson

Lynn Marie Johnson

Weatherford Democrat, May 15, 2016 – 

Dear Editor:

Either our Republican Chair and her friend are ignorant or they are intentionally deceptive.

The Republican Chair and a lawyer should know statistics for each court are reported to the State.  They could easily determine whether information is true or false.   Court activities and budget are audited.  Likewise, attorney court appearances are recorded.  Obviously, they know the truth but the truth would not promote their agenda.

Lynn Marie Johnson resolved over 20,000 criminal and civil cases, presided at 1690 trials, held over 11,570 hearings and magistrated 2,850 defendants.  She was UNDER budget each year, cleared a huge backlog of cases and increased the efficiency by over 30% through efficiency, organization and hard work.

Prior to being elected,  Lynn Marie Johnson handled hundreds of contested civil, family and criminal matters across Texas and across the United States.  Public records do not lie.

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Jenkins worked for the insiders

Weatherford Democrat, May 12, 2016 –

Dear Editor:

In the race for the County Court at Law 2 position, one candidate was appointed by a small group of political insiders as a reward for his loyal and obedient service to the insiders.

Whether spearheading the Dewhurst campaign against Ted Cruz or manning the phones when that same small group of insiders tried to defeat an incumbent Republican County Commissioner, Curtis Jenkins worked hard for the insiders.

Not every lawyer is qualified to be a judge.

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Lynn Marie Johnson, candidate for Judge, County Court at Law #2

Johnson-front 1000X633I am casting my vote for Lynn Marie Johnson for the office of Judge, County Court at Law #2.  I can think of no Parker County citizen who is more highly qualified to hold that office than Lynn Marie.

– Lenny Leatherman

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