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Too little, too late?

Precinct Three Commissioner John Roth

Commissioner Roth says slow go on county budget –

The Weatherford Democrat, Judy Sheridan, Tue Aug 30, 2011

WEATHERFORD — Judge Mark Riley’s fiscal year 2011-12 proposed county budget was filed in the clerk’s office July 29, three days ahead of the Aug. 1 deadline, according to County Spokesman Joel Kertok. It was posted online Aug. 2.

But interpreting that budget for county commissioners and discussing it in a public forum are long overdue, according to Precinct 3 Commissioner John Roth. Continue reading →

A Tale of Two Budgets

by Frank Williford


I used to have some very large budgets in my work and they required close and  continuous attention. We worked on a calendar year basis as opposed to public sector budgets, but there is no practical difference, a year is a year and in the private sector case the budget as originally approved (prior to the year of its’ application) was considered fixed. During the course of the year it was sometimes necessary to shift funds from one budget line to another within the department budget, but the budget could never again be considered balanced if funds were required in excess of the originally budgeted total. Like any business we could never be entirely certain the revenues our company would bring in during the year would completely service our planned expenditures. Continue reading →