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Election Contest Appeal Moves Forward

Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we have successfully
filed our final brief with the Third Court of Appeals


Computerized voting machines have been operating for over a decade and Texans don’t trust them–and now we know why.  Dr. Laura Pressley’s historic election contest has uncovered electronic voting machine corruption errors, security breaches, missing back up tapes and no ballot images exist for a legal recount.
Candidates all over Texas have known about these illegalities for over a decade and Pressley is the first to take the responsibility to address them in the Texas courts.

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Sources: Whistleblower Forcing Out UT President

4 Jul 2014


AUSTIN, Texas–Two highly placed sources say University of Texas president Bill Powers has been given a choice: resign by the end of the day July 4, or be fired next week. The order comes as a whistleblower has allegedly stepped forward with information tying Powers directly to a growing admissions scandal. The sources tell Breitbart Texas that the decision to axe Powers came early Thursday, with the ultimatum handed down by UT Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa and Board of Regents chairman Paul Foster.


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Painting Texas Purple

It has been said that the Purple Gang was to Detroit in the 1920’s and 1930’s what Al Capone and his gang were to Chicago.

Could it be that Texas now has its own “Purple Gang” with Joe Straus as its leader?



Meet the Purple Gang members: “Painting Texas Purple”

EmpowerTexans Update

QUOTING…  “When I feel the heat, I see the light.” — Everett Dirksen

EmpowerTexans_logoFrom EmpowerTexans.com, by Michael Quinn Sullivan, 07/17/13 – With the kind of mind-wrenching contortions only a politician can muster without breaking a sweat, the Texas House Select Committee on Transparency will soon be meeting behind closed doors.

Apparently some legislators aren’t too keen about Texans finding out they’re trying to silence a university regent who has been asking one too many tough questions. Questions the answers to which might point to corruption, influence-peddling, and fiscal mismanagement. Can’t talk about that, can we?

Maybe they don’t want to… But we will.

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Jon Corzine: No criminal charges for a reckless man

Jon Corzine, former senator and governor of New Jersey, was CEO of MFGlobal, which went bankrupt...

Jon Corzine, former senator and governor of New Jersey, was CEO of MFGlobal, which went bankrupt…

From the Washington Examiner, By MICHAEL BARONE  | JULY 8, 2013 – Jon Corzine, former senator and governor of New Jersey, was CEO of MFGlobal, which went bankrupt…

Former New Jersey Sen. and Gov. Jon Corzine will not be prosecuted, the New York Post reports today. Corzine, who was CEO of Goldman Sachs in the 1990s and made something like $400 million when the firm went public, was CEO of MFGlobal, a futures and commodities trading firm which went bankrupt, with some $1.6 billion missing from customers’ accounts. Money in customer accounts belongs to customers, and it’s a crime for firms to seize customers’ money.

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Feds seek to seize former Rep. Jackson Jr.’s homes, savings

Jesse_Jackson_Jr-1From The Hill,  By Jonathan Easley –   06/28/13 – Federal prosecutors asked a judge on Friday to allow the government to seize  former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s two homes, as well as an IRA account with nearly  $80,000 in it, according to a Chicago  Tribune report.

Jackson and his wife, Sandi, have a home in Chicago and another in Washington,  D.C. Jackson, who is guilty of looting his campaign fund of $750,000 for  personal purchases, will be sentenced next Wednesday, and prosecutors are  seeking a four-year prison term for the former Congressman.

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Non-accountability marches onward at the IRS

IRS_logo-2From RedState.com, By: John Hayward, June 10th, 2013 – How is the great crusade to bring accountability to the IRS coming along?  According to Eliana Johnson at National Reviewthe Director of Rulings and Agreements, Holly Paz, just became “the fifth Washington D.C.-based IRS official involved in the current scandal to leave her position.”

According to the House Oversight Committee, Paz was involved in an internal IRS investigation that in May 2012 concluded that the agency had been discriminating against conservative groups.

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5 ‘Devastating Secrets’ the Obama Admin Has Allegedly Fought to Keep From the American Public

From The Blaze.com, ,  August 13, 2012 – Has the Obama administration desperately tried to hide “devastating secrets” from the American people? This is a question that JudicialWatch President Tom Fitton affirmatively answers in his new book, “The Corruption Chronicles.” In an exclusive interview with TheBlaze, he recently outlined some of the most pervasive details and issues that administration officials have allegedly attempted to hide from the public.

Fitton said that he was motivated to put the book together after looking over all of the materials that JudicialWatch, a non-profit devoted to education and transparency, had compiled over the years.

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