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Where do you stand on the notion of term limits?

Against Term Limits –

Some argue that voters have the option of limiting an elected official’s term in office with each vote they cast.

They believe that with term limits, the unelected bureaucrats would simply wait until a particular elected official’s term expires and pursue their agenda at a later date when a more favorable environment exists.

They see term limits as a Constitutional issue, and believe any attempt to pass a Constitutional Amendment limiting terms in office would be an exercise in futility since it would require support by the politicians whose terms it would limit.

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2009 Constitutional Election – don’t forget to vote!

We encourage all Texans to participate in the constitutional election of November 3. Early voting began today, with 11 propositions for voters to consider.

The propositions cover a range of issues, including curbing eminent domain abuse and controlling Texas’ property tax appraisal system. Other propositions fix errors that have crept into the constitution, allow for new debt, or provide the legislature with the authority to spend money.

Did you know you can fill out a “sample ballot” and take it with you when you go to vote.  Just make sure you take it with you when you depart your poll site.

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For additional information concerning Propositions 2, 3 & 5 , please contact:

State Representative Phil King

State Representative John Otto