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Parker County Conservatives Host State Senator Konni Burton

Konni Burton



Allen West Coming to Parker County

Allen West

Allen West

If you consider yourself a conservative, we encourage you to join us as we welcome Allen West to Parker County.

Fundraiser for Dedra Vick -Candidate for County Treasurer


FLASHBACK: Paul Ryan named 2011 Human Events Conservative of the Year

 From humanevents.com, By: Lawrence Kudlow 8/11/2012 08:25 AM –

Originally published December 21, 2011.

The editors of Human Events are proud to name Rep. Paul Ryan as “Conservative of the Year” for 2011.  The Wisconsin Republican was a favorite from the very beginning of the nomination process, not only with our editorial board but with our readers as well, for his relentless commitment to proposing bold, free-market reforms to rein in an out-of-control, ever-expanding government that is destroying the American economy. Despite the left’s vicious and unfounded attacks, Paul Ryan has pursued an agenda of limiting Washington’s control over our private property and the decisions we make, while eloquently arguing that true way out of poverty is through the benevolence of capitalist pursuits, not through the confiscatory paws of government bureaucrats.  And who better to profile Ryan’s indefatigable journey than eminent financial columnist and popular television host Lawrence Kudlow. Congratulations, Paul Ryan.

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All the Angry Liberals

The experience of losing does not agree with them.


From The American Spectator, By from the June 2012 issue – WASHINGTON — I was innocently making my way through the weekend newspapers when I came upon a “think” piece in the Washington Post by a dreamer named Chris Mooney, a self-confessed “liberal.” Yes, he actually admitted to it.

He has conferred with psychologists to ascertain the difference between liberals and conservatives. By the way, it is always a tip-off when one writes that he has resorted to psychologists, as opposed to political philosophers, to explain what are after all political differences. What the writer is saying is we now have “science” on our side, as opposed to mere learning, and the scientists’ findings are unassailable — and, as it turns out, claptrap, tendentious, self-regarding claptrap.

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Cruz’ing to Victory – the conservative choice!

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Ted Cruz coming to Weatherford!

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Preparing to Vote

How do you decide who to vote for?

Do you follow a procedure that includes gathering factual information about the candidates, including their conduct and performance in business, in the community or in public office?  Or, do you simply listen to, and believe the things candidates say about themselves?

It’s been my experience having been involved in a significant number of election cycles, that generally candidates tell you what they believe you want to hear! So how can you determine which of the candidates have a credible plan for keeping their promises to the voters as opposed to those who simply speak words necessary to get elected?

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Making It Easy to Remember America’s First Principles

From Heritage.org, By Ericka Anderson, October 1,2011 – Knowing America’s history well is one of the first steps to becoming a well-rounded and knowledgeable conservative. It’s not always easy to remember the many dates, speeches, people, and events from the past 235 years, and The Heritage Foundation knows that. As a result, we have created a new one-stop shop for America’s first principles and historical inquiries on the newly designed Heritage First Principles website. Continue reading →

Liberty Institute ~ Conservative Victories From This Legislative Session

Dear Friend:

I recently sat down with Jonathan Saenz from the Liberty Institute and gave an interview on some of the conservative victories from this legislative session. Continue reading →