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Marco Rubio’s Ties to Sketchy Businesses, Drug Dealing and Ponzi Schemes

From Observer.com, By

How Marco Rubio took $50,000 and voted to deregulate a sleazey businessman who cashed in on cocaine and AIDS

Sen. Marco Rubio campaigns in South Carolina. (Photo Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Sen. Marco Rubio campaigns in South Carolina. (Photo Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The GOP has been on a crazy bender for more than half a century, but even many party officials can see that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are too unhinged for the American people to swallow. Hence, Marco Rubio — who’s no genius but can appear on TV without terrifying a majority of the civilian population — was thrust forward in Iowa by GOP puppeteers as a last-gasp effort to save the party from flat out lunacy.

And it worked. Mr. Rubio finished third in Iowa with 23 percent of the vote, thereby prompting an outpouring of support from Wall Street. He was poised for takeoff in New Hampshire, but to his handlers’ horror he repeated his lines at a key debate like a terrified Bar Mitzvah boy practicing in front of the mirror before tripping on the stage stairs, and was mercilessly pillaged by then-candidate Chris Christie, who said, “There it is everybody. The 25-second memorized speech.”

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Breaking: Senator Marco Rubio DRUG SCANDAL Exposed! New Report

From The Political Insider, By Kosar, March 2, 2016 –

After devastating Republican presidential primary losses, this is the last thing Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants to answer questions about.

According to a bombshell report, Rubio has a long history of corruption tied to his work as a lobbyist and Speaker of the Florida state legislature.

One of Rubio’s best friends and closest political supporters is Congressman David Rivera (R-FL), who is under investigation by the FBI.

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