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Commishes amp up audio, add visual for meetings

Thanks to County Judge Mark Riley for taking steps to expand the court’s capability and accessibility by enabling residents to watch court proceedings on the county website… another huge step toward total transparency in county government.

Citizens will also benefit from ‘sound proofing’ the courtroom in order to keep outside noise at a minimum.

________________________ County Courthouse

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Judy L Sheridan, 12/10/14 –

The audiovisual system for the commissioners’ courtroom in Parker County’s historic courthouse should undergo some big improvements soon due to the court’s approval of $102,460 in upgrades Monday.

Commissioners have sealed a deal with Communication Concepts, a Fort Worth-based company, to tackle problems with sound volume and intelligibility and expand capability, allowing residents to watch court proceedings on the county website, for example.

Included are a new recording system, tablet-like laptops for commissioners, a brightly lit LED display screen, a high-resolution document camera at the podium as well as a camera in the back of the room, acoustic panels, plug-ins for the media and an assisted listening system for the hearing impaired.

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Commissioners Court meetings still not televised


Update: It was due to no fault of Commissioners Court that I was unable to navigate the new Parker County Government website well enough to locate Commissioners Court Minutes. They are there for public viewing. Thank you County Judge Mark Riley for following through on your commitment to make county government as transparent as possible.


Taxpayers are STILL waiting for Commissioners Court to televise their meetings like so many other counties across Texas are doing.

Why not? Is it because we lack the intellectual capacity, the technical skills, or the money? I think not! I believe it is no more complicated than getting signatures on a contract!

Question: What is the maximum effect range of an excuse!

Enough  excuses…we expect results!



by Lenny Leatherman –

Another four years have passed and Commissioners Court (CC) meetings are still not televised…WHY?

It cannot be because it would be too expensive. County employees spend more driving County owned vehicles to and from their homes in one year than it would cost to televise all CC meetings.

So…why aren’t CC meetings televised? Is it because some on the court are “not ready for prime time”? We wouldn’t want the voters to see how ‘qualified’ some of our elected representatives really are, and how business is actually conducted – would we?

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County opts not to pave new ground over roads funding

commissioners courtKudos to Weatherford Democrat reporter Judy Sheridan, for the work she did on this “I voted for it before I voted against it” story.  If you are expecting progress, look elsewhere! If you are comfortable with a tomorrow that looks like yesterday, stay tuned.

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Commish 3′s views on Parker County Politics and the 2011-2012 Budget Process

by Joh Roth, County Commissioiner, Precinct 3, September 22, 2011

Commissioner John Roth


All of Parker County’s elected officials have been Republican for quite a few years.  In the last Presidential election,Parker County voters overwhelmingly voted for the Republican candidate(s).  Because of those two factors, you—like me—would think that Parker County could be a model that other counties look to for conservative leadership.  Well, looks can be deceiving!


After being elected to office in 2004, I had no idea that being a conservative would bring such controversy to commissioner’s court.  Naïve me, I thought all republicans were grounded in the party platform.  I thought it was a given that we were united on principles such as less government, personal responsibility, pro second amendment and private property rights.  Boy was I wrong! Continue reading →

Parker County PPO busy sniffing out crime –

Parker County residents should rest a little bit easier knowing we now have our very own Parker County Poop Patrol Officer (PCPPO) sniffing out crime wherever he goes.

Let’s face it – it’s just not fair to leave to the County Health Department, such a huge responsibility as ensuring rural septic systems are tuned up and operating efficiently.

We all know how lax federal and state environmental quality control measures are.

My, aren’t we fortunate to have our very own Commissioners Court to take over CONTROL of our lives where state and federal bureaucrats leave off. Continue reading →

Commissioners court seeks esd No. 3 board applicants

Parker County Judge’s office

County Judge Mark Riley

Parker County’s Commissioners Court is seeking applicants from within the boundaries of Emergency Services District (ESD) No. 3 to fill a vacated seat on the board.

ESD 3 encompasses the Hudson Oaks area, just east of Weatherford.

Any person interested, who qualifies can submit a resume and brief cover letter explaining why they have interest in serving to Parker County Judge Mark Riley at esdresumes@gmail.com or by mail at One Courthouse Sq., Weatherford, Texas 76086.

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