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Animal Shelter in complete disarray – a reflection of city government’s true character

by Judith Fairly – Weatherford is a city at the crossroads. It faces two paths: one leads to a future as a progressive, prosperous community that embraces the challenge of growth from small cattle town to modern city; the other to a small town that has grown out but hasn’t grown up, a town that sweeps problems under the carpet that future generations will have to face.

The City of Weatherford advertises itself as a “family focused community known for valuing historic traditions while planning for the future. It is a safe, livable city with a healthy economy that  recognizes the importance of working with citizens and local partners.” That slogan is laudable but it doesn’t reflect reality.

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The Race for Weatherford City Council

***  Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy – voices of experience  ***

Waymon Hamilton

Craig Swancy

Experience Is Not Enough…

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