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“Don’t Tread on Me” flags now available –


The “Don’t Tread on Me” flags that are so highly popular with Tea Party Patriots are now available in Weatherford!  See Sid or Carla at College Park Pack and Mail, 134 College Park Shopping Center. For more information call 817.613.7002.

The proceeds from your $10 per flag donation will be used to support the re-election campaign of Weatherford City Councilmen Eric Matthews and Jerry Clinton.

We hope you will display your flag proudly, and thank you for supporting the Parker County Tea Party, and the Matthews and Clinton re-election campaigns for City Council!


Pd Pol Adv by Eric Matthews Campaign, Linda Matthews, Treasurer, PO Box 431, Weatherford, Tx 76086.

Weatherford City Council Candidate Speaking –




What:  Candidate Speaking

When:  Thursday, April 21st, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Where:  Texas Opry Theater, 315 York Avenue, Weatherford, TX


* Event Moderator:  Dawn King, Parker County Tea Party

*  Refreshments will be available


Vote YES to a secure future for your children and grandchildren


Call 817.613.7002 or ask at the Candidate Speaking about the purchase of "Dont Tread on Me" flags!

Pd Pol Adv by Eric Matthews Campaign, Linda Matthews, Treasurer, PO Box 431, Weatherford, Tx 76086.

Strong showing needed at the Weatherford City Council Meeting,

Dear Patriots,

We need a VERY strong showing tonight at the W’ford City Council Meeting.

Councilmen Matthews and Clinton have been fighting some major battles behind the scenes for the people of W’ford and at times it seems like an ominous task because of those entrenched in the good ole boy system.
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Councilman clarifies position with regard to Ms. Wilder’s Candidacy for City Council

Councilman Eric Matthews

Dear Weatherford Citizens,

I want to take this opportunity to clarify my position as it relates to the issue surrounding Ms. Wilder’s Candidacy for City Council Place 1.

This was not an issue of personal dislike or personal bias toward Ms. Wilder. This was an issue about what was the correct lawful interpretation of the Charter of the City of Weatherford as it relates to the qualifications of a candidate for City Council. Continue reading →

Where is Weatherford spending taxpayers $$$$$$$$

From the November 9, 2010 Weatherford City Council Meeting minutes:

“Mayor Hooks made a motion to authorize Staff to use $133,000 from park dedication fee for the design, utilize the $850,000 (from the Solid Waste fund earmarked for the project) to begin the process of renovating First Monday Grounds (including some type of facility for the sale of animals), with input from the vendors, in a timely manner. (The motion included that if any part of the design, architect fees, etc. could be toned down, to do so.)  Jerry Clinton second the motion.  The motion carried 4-0. “

Two issues need to be address.

The first is from the quote above, “with input from the vendors, in a timely manner”.  When are the residents/taxpayers of Weatherford to have input on these capital expenditures?  The Weatherford City Council seems to think they have a mandate to provide a retail venue, First Monday Trade Days, for vendors who do not reside in Weatherford.  Are these vendors paying fair rental fees so the city recoups cost and provide some profit?  What taxes do these vendors collect and do they remit them so the City receives their share. Continue reading →

South Main Construction Issues – leadership void

by Sid Johnson

Weatherford Businessman


South Main from Bethel Road/College Park Drive to IH-20 reconstruction problem:

At the Weatherford City Council Meeting Tuesday December 14, 2010, 6:30 p.m., the next to last item on the agenda (the policy of this Council is to put off residents/taxpayers until the very last) was a discussion with residents/taxpayers, business persons/tax generators and the City Council/paid city staff concerning problems with the proposed construction of the afore-mentioned section of South Main.

The businesses’ concern is a raised center median in the roadway to restrict vehicles turning across the street to gain access to the businesses.  The problem is not no left turns but the very limited number of left turns planned.  Residents/taxpayers want more turns for easier access to the businesses on either side of South Main, whether traveling north or south.  Business operators need access for customers to be able to patronize their businesses.

Our current Mayor did not seem to be overly concerned about this perceived problem. He reminded those in attendance this South Main project has been on-going since 2006. His only reply to those asking about changes or making suggestions: “Did you attend any of the public hearings in 2007 about this project?” Continue reading →

The Good Ole Boy System is alive and well at city hall!

by Lenny Leatherman

Waymon Hamilton


Craig Swancy

While attending the Weatherford City Council meeting December 14, 2010, I watched in disgust the manner in which council members Craig Swancy and Waymon Hmilton conducted themselves and the willful disrespect they displayed toward fellow council members Jerry Clinton and Eric Matthews.

During a discussion to consider an appointment to the Weatherford Municipal Utility Board, Matthews asked if there were more applicants than the individual for whom a vote was about to be cast.  Swancy  and Hamilton said there were other applications.  Clinton and Matthews both asked to be given an opportunity to review the additional applications.  Clinton and Matthews both stated in public that they had not been given an opportunity to review all the applications.

Swancy and Hamilton appeared to have been totally overwhelmed by the simple task of ensuring ALL council members actually received all applications for selection to the utility board – incredible! Continue reading →

Weatherford City Council Place 2 Candidate Debate

Come and hear where the candidates stand on the issues.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7pm – 9pm

20th Century Club

321 S. Main St.

All citizens of Weatherford are invited to attend.

This event will be moderated by Dawn King, Parker County Tea Party


Matthews 2010 Meet and Greet

Pol Ad Pd for by Eric Matthews Campaign, Linda Matthews, Treasurer, PO Box 431, Weatherford, Texas 76086


Eric Matthews announces candidacy for Weatherford City Council Place 2


September 10, 2010

Eric Matthews –  A Parker County Tea Party Endorsed Candidate, Announces his Run for Weatherford City Council Place 2

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Weatherford City Council Place 2.  I have had a proven track record of success in both my business and as a U.S. Army Captain who served in Afghanistan.  As your Councilman for Place 2, I would be committed to bringing that proven leadership to bear on the financial problems that are currently plaguing our city.  My focus will be on fiscal responsibility and transparency; citizen involvement in our government; lower taxes and stable utility rates; and job creation.

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Candidate Matthews withdraws contest of Weatherford City Council Election


Eric Matthews Formal Withdrawal of Election Contest

June 18, 2010

Initially the intent in pursuing an election contest was to ensure election codes that had been violated were enforced thereby protecting and preserving the sanctity of the vote.  It was concluded that without full disclosure of the items requested the ability to pursue enforcement on the basis of the evidence on hand would not be possible outside of a Court of Law.  Additionally, the financial cost to the City and County resulting from a drawn out legal battle in Court would far outweigh the outcome and not be in the best interests of the taxpayer.   Therefore, I have decided to withdraw my contest of the May 8, 2010 City Council Election.

I had hoped that after Robert Parten, the Parker County Elections Administrator had admitted to violating election law, assurances in the form of full public disclosure of everything that had been done properly and not done properly would have been given by the County since the County had been contracted to run the election.  This would have removed all doubt from the public that the sanctity of the vote had been honored and every vote had been counted properly.

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