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City Council wants to “invent” their concept of historic downtown

downtownby Carla Hollingsworth Johnson –

Lenny, many kudos for your analysis of that senseless proposal! One comment I’d like to add (that actually came from my mother) is there is nothing “historic” about the plans for downtown. The council doesn’t want to “revive” an historic feel, they want to “invent” their concept of “historic”. For many years, we have had people in city government that have wanted to make Weatherford one of the Texas cities that has successfully brought business back to their square (think Granbury, Denton, McKinney).

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Saving Face Instead of Saving Lives

By Judith Fairly –

This is an election year. In a matter of weeks, local residents will have an opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Historically, the turnout for city elections has been cringingly low, which works in favor of the incumbents. I’m sure those on the City Council who are up for re-election are counting on that.

What is most remarkable about the Weatherford City Council meetings I’ve attended over the course of the past three months is the amount of time the current City Council has devoted to evading questions about events and actions by employees of the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter and making excuses for the City’s inaction via bland platitudes, deferring instead to the City Manager, whose habit of engaging in rambling feats of oration never addresses the questions put to him.

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It’s Blaisdell’s Fault!

-Animal “Shelter” ~ shelter from what???

by Judith Fairly –

Judith Fairly

When I read about the crisis at the animal shelter back in January,I called City Manager Jerry Blaisdell and Steve Bates, who was then Director of the shelter. I asked what I could do to help. Both of them advised me to become a shelter volunteer.

That was almost 3 months ago. In the interim, the volunteer program was abruptly canceled. Rescue groups were told they couldn’t photograph animals at the shelter in order to network them. Volunteers who have given generous amounts of their time and money over the past six years were no longer welcome.

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Animal Shelter ~ Smug Officials With Untouchable Mentalities

If you are/were a volunteer at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal “Shelter”, and have credible verifiable first-hand information relative to the horrendous treatment of animals at the facility, we want to hear from you. Please help us ensure that those who were responsible for the deliberate killing of 30+ adoptable puppies are held accountable for their actions, and that such despicable acts NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!  


Harry Wilfer, March 22, 2012 – 

Until ALL of the incompetent and uncaring politicians in this city AND county are replaced not a single thing will be resolved. As a former volunteer, I (as well as all of the volunteers) have been misled, delayed, sweet-talked and outright lied to by those in charge. When we asked why volunteers could not continue serving while the program was restructured our questions were met with political “double-speak.” Since January of this year I have not heard one clear and honest statement from anyone drawing a government paycheck. I have sent emails, OK angry emails, to the mayor and city council (lower case intentional due to lack of respect) and county officials. Replies? Phone calls from 2 city council members and the assistant city manager – to whom I did NOT sent an email. NO response from the mayor, other council members and none from a single county official. That’s a pretty accurate representation of smug officials with “untouchable” mentalities!

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City Council and Utility Board to have a Joint Special Session

The Weatherford City Council and Municipal Utility Board will have a Joint Special Session, as posted this Friday, June 10, beginning at 9 am to travel to Seagoville,Texas to tour the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center.

Who is paying for this trip?  What is the purpose?

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City ofWeatherford receives reimbursement funds from TxDOT

by Eric Matthews, Councilman, Place 2

I received an email from the City Manager’s Office stating that TXDOT will be depositing funds in the amount of $745,514.31 electronically into the City of Weatherford Bank Account. This is reimbursement of some of the money we will be receiving in accordance with the Pass Through Toll Agreement for our roads.

This is great news for our City.  The expeditious processing of this reimbursement would not have been possible had it not been for the hard work of your City Staff and City Council behind the scenes.  The City Council and the City Staff will continue to ensure as our roads are completed that reimbursements from TxDOT in accordance with our agreement with TxDOT continue to be done in a timely manner until full reimbursement under the agreement has been received.

Keeping your taxes low and our city debt to a manageable level is our #1 priority for Weatherford.

Thanks for all your patience and support during this process.

Councilman Eric Matthews – Keep Asking Tough Questions

Councilman Eric Matthews

Councilman Eric Matthews has done exactly what he said he would do – ask the tough questions and demand straight answers.  His technique of ‘knowing the answer to half the questions he asks’ has paid huge dividends.

Immediately Matthews began to stir things up, and like a big pile of cow manure when it is stirred, things began to smell!  And no, that’s not micro-managing city staff. That is leadership in action! He was  looking out for the interest of Weatherford citizens when he exposed the stench of a plan to spend over $8 million on a First Monday/Heritage Park facelift!  When questioned about the probability of an acceptable return on that $8.2 million investment in improvements to First Monday/Heritage Park, the City Manager admitted that no study had been done to determine the feasibility of such an undertaking.  He could only say in a Parks and Recreation Board meeting that he ‘hopes’ it is successful. The most repeated word in that meeting was we “hope“… Continue reading →

Re-Elect Eric Matthews – City Council Place #2

Website: www.voteforericmatthews.com

Parker County Tea Party Endorsed Candidate

Reagan Republican and Fiscal Conservative


I am For:

Fiscal Responsibility and Government Transparency

Lower Taxes and Stable Utility Rates

Job Creation

A secure future for our children and grandchildren


Early Voting – May 2nd

Election Day – May 14th


Pd. Pol. Adv. by Eric Matthews Campaign, Linda Matthews, Treasurer

Weatherford City Council – Facts vs Opinions

Councilman Eric Matthews

Dear Weatherford Citizens,

Fair play, transparency, honesty, and integrity regarding the behavior of some who support my opponents in this City Council race has been replaced by smoke and mirrors, attempts to cloud the truth by interjecting opinions, and false statements.

These same folks who choose to play dirty politics and wish to continue to hide in the shadows rather than be seen by the light of day are part of the good ole boy system that feels threatened now that fiscal responsibility and transparency has taken hold on their City Council.  The tide is changing folks.  However, the fight is still not over. Continue reading →